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Flatpak is the next-generation technology for building and installing desktop applications. It has the power to revolutionize the Linux desktop ecosystem.

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Flatpak Features

For users

  • Access a wide variety of applications

    The list of Flatpak applications is growing all the time and includes Spotify, Skype and Telegram.

  • Get new versions faster

    New releases of applications appear sooner with Flatpak.

  • Safely update your apps without having to reboot

    Unlike package managers, Flatpak can safely update applications on the fly.

  • Install different versions of the same application

    Simultaneously install multiple versions of the same application.

  • Secure, sandboxed applications

    Flatpak's sandboxing technology prevents exploits and hinders malicious applications.

  • Install Flatpak Applications

For developers

  • Run the same app on all the main Linux distributions

    Create one app bundle and distribute it to the entire Linux desktop market.

  • Consistent environment for development, testing and deployment

    Develop and test your application in an environment that's identical to the one users have.

  • Easy-to-use, fully-documented build tools

    Flatpak's build tools are simple and easy to use, and come with a full set of documentation.

  • Maintained collections of essential dependencies

    Runtimes provide stable sets of dependencies that can be used by applications.

  • Pick and choose application dependencies

    Dependencies that aren't in a runtime can be bundled as part of an application. Versions of the dependencies that are used can be fixed and patched.

  • Future-proof builds

    Runtimes are forward compatible, irrespective of distribution changes. Flatpak applications run on new Linux distribution versions as they are released.

  • Create an Application in 5 minutes


Flatpak might be a new technology, but it's not a new idea. It grew out of the experience of long-standing Linux desktop engineers, and has been in the planning for years.

Flatpak is developed by an independent community, made up of volunteers and contributors from supporting organizations. Its lead developer is Alex Larsson, Principal Engineer at Red Hat. Alex has been working on critical open source projects for almost 20 years.

All our code is freely available, with no contributor agreement required. We collaborate and liaise with other communities and projects as much as possible, and welcome their input.

For more information, see our FAQ, command line and developer guidelines and the developer wiki.


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