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    Alexander Larsson: Flatpak - a technical walk-through
    All Systems Go! Berlin, Germany, September 2018

    Robert McQueen & Jorge García: Flathub, app store and build service for flatpak apps
    GUADEC, Almeria, Spain, July 2018

    Adam Jones & Valentin David: Freedesktop SDK: the future of Linux runtimes
    GUADEC, Almeria, Spain, July 2018

    Matthew Leeds: P2P Distribution of Flatpaks and OSTrees
    GUADEC, Almeria, Spain, July 2018


    Alexander Larsson: Taking back the apps from the distributions
    LAS GNOME, October 2016, Portland, USA

    Jorge Garcia:Building a Flatpak based app store
    GUADEC, August 2017, Manchester, UK

    Jan Grulich & Martin Bříza: Flatpak and KDE & the state of Qt integration in GNOME
    GUADEC, August 2017, Manchester, UK

    Richard Brown: Resurrecting Dinosaurs - what could possibly go wrong?
    GUADEC, August 2017, Manchester, UK

    Simon McVittie: Flatpak and Debian
    Debconf, August 2017, Montreal, Canada

    Linux Magazine: Flatpak and snap
    June 2017

    Mario Sanchez Prada & Richard Hughes: The future of linux application distribution
    March 2017, Samsung Research, Staines, UK

    Alexander Larsson: Flatpak: Apps on the linux desktops
    foss-north 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Matthias Clasen: Flatpak – A new way to distribute applications
    January 2017,, Brno, Czech Republic


    Alexander Larsson: Flatpak status update and future plans
    GUADEC, August 2016, Karlsruhe, Germany

    Fedora Magazine: Explore Flatpak in Fedora 24
    June 2016

    Jens Petersen: Generic standalone linux app packages
    FUDCon APAC 2016, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


    Christian Hergert: Flatpak, the easiest, fastest, and safest software distribution platform
    SCALE 2015, Pasadena, USA