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A new world for application developers

Flatpak changes app distribution for the better. Advantages include:

Build for every distro

Create one app and distribute it to the entire Linux desktop market.

Stable platforms

Runtimes provide platforms of common libraries that you can depend on.

Consistent environments

Develop and test your application in an environment that’s identical to the one users have.

Full control over dependencies

Flatpak makes it easy to bundle your own libraries as part of your app.

Easy build tools

Flatpak’s build tools are simple and easy to use, and come with a full set of documentation.

Future-proof builds

Flatpak apps continue to be compatible with new versions of Linux distributions.

Distribution made easy

Make your app available to a rapidly growing audience of Flatpak users, with Flathub.

An independent project

Flatpak is developed by an independent community, with no lock-in to a single vendor.

Flatpak can be used with a total of 38 distros

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What people are saying about Flatpak

Bringing Flatpak technology into Debian enables us to run applications in a predictable environment with their most suitable library stack, without compromising the base OS's stability and flexibility.

Simon McVittie
Senior Software Engineer, Collabora

At Endless, we’re proud to be a part of this movement and have fully embraced Flatpak by readily converting all of our applications for our upcoming release and continuing to build new Flatpak apps.

Jonathan Blandford
VP of Software Engineering, Endless

The Fedora Workstation team are very excited about Flatpak and the prospects it brings for making the Linux desktop easier to develop for. We plan to continue supporting this effort going forward.

Christian F.K. Schaller
Senior Manager, Red Hat

Flatpak will enable us (as a Linux ISV) to distribute a better LibreOffice, with up-to-date dependencies and a platform that can run on many systems. I’m excited to see that happen.

Michael Meeks
Director, The Document Foundation